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Better Plus
Better Plus is one of the top professional and reliable lanyard suppliers in China. We focus on producing custom printed and personalized lanyards for more than eight years and provide them to worldwide.
High quality, excellent service are the feedback we often receiving from our clients. More than 95% of them who cooperated for the first time choose us as their long-term partner. We are always here to help.
We care, and we do.
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Our Products
We offer custom Full-color lanyards, Silkscreen lanyards, nylon lanyards, tubular lanyards, weaving lanyards.

And wholesale blank polyester lanyards, bulk pure colors tubular lanyards are also available.
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Our Factory
Specialized in supplying lanyards since 2013.
Unbeatable prices and quality, In-house production
Products Guidance
Learn everything about lanyards here.
How to customize lanyards with your logo?
You might think that lanyards were looking the same. But they are not. They could be different in sizes, materials, logo and colors, accessories, and additional parts.
April Mon.2020
Choose Lanyards material: Polyester or Nylon, Flat or Tubular
How to decide which material for your customized lanyards? Here comes the lanyards material comparison: Polyester VS Nylon, Flat VS tubular.
April Mon.2020
Introduction of lanyards accessories (1)
Lanyards accessories are an essential part when choosing a lanyard pattern. Here comes some reference.
May Mon.2020